Turning the packaging into the message, the innovative and newly developed Coolpack edition promotes the idea of „best used ice cold“ all by itself, combining the classic 0,25l Jägermeister bottle with the iconic shape of typical coolpacks.


Jägermeister, the herbal liqueur famously made from secret recipe based on 56 ingredients, faced some problems with its standard packaging: First of all, Jägermeister’s complex flavors taste best at -18°C or below. But consumers often overlook the „Serve Ice Cold“ note on the back label, and instead store and even drink Jägermeister at room temperature when buying it in liqueur stores or bringing it to parties, resulting in a subpar product experience. Moreover, the bottle needs to be cooled intensively in the freezer to reach that perfect serving temperature. Finally, Jägermeister’s glas bottle is non-deposit, often leading consumers to just put it in the trash when empty. 

So we came up with an innovative marketing solution to educate consumers about the best way to store and enjoy Jägermeister and to deepen the product experience:

Instead of doing the usual promotion or advertising campaign that would tell consumers about the benefit of best serving Jägermeister at -18°C, we decided to tackle the problem at the most immediate touchpoint: the bottle itself. So, turning the packaging into the message, the completely newly developed CoolPack Edition promotes the idea of „best used ice cold“ all by itself, combining the classic 0,25l Jägermeister bottle with the iconic shape of typical coolpacks.

After an extensive research, three details were identified that define the user perception of a typical coolpack: a rectangular shape, the short or even recessed opening, and an extended surface structure for better cooling, often reminiscent of radiators. Those elements where then combined with the characteristics of the classic Jägermeister bottle, such as the logotype on the flanks, the green color, and the bottle top. First considering PET for the material during prototyping stage, it became clear that another iconic part of the Jägermeister bottle is the glass; and that frozen glass not only conveys an extra cold feeling compared to plastic, but also has a more desirable and crafted appeal strongly associated with a product made from natural ingredients. This design choice ultimately resulted in the introduction of a new tooling and bottling process, since a shape like this had never been approached before in mass bottle production.

The innovative design molten from the same glass used for the original Jägermeister bottle speaks for itself and has an instantly iconic appeal. The Jägermeister CoolPack effectively helps consumers to enjoy Jägermeister at the best temperature by encouraging them to put it in the freezer. Thanks to its characteristic and scientifically calculated radiator design it can also be cooled up to 20% faster compared to the standard bottle, saving energy-time in the freezer. Finally, it invites consumers to re-use the bottle as a functioning and sustainable coolpack for chilling food and other drinks. Thus it keeps the Jägermeister brand story permanently alive in the context of fun and sociable moments like parties, picknicks, and music festivals – while at the same time reducing the garbage from Jägermeister liqueur bottles significantly.